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Ellis Jones’s arts marketing consultants provide arts marketing strategy, advice and campaign services to major cultural institutions, performing arts companies, major festivals, local government, commercial and public galleries and performance spaces.

Technology has driven incredible change in arts marketing and audience engagement, and that pace of change is escalating.

Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix and Kickstarter did not exist just a decade ago but all of them are important platforms for arts companies, institutions and artists to not only engage audience but actively create work.

While digital technology presents opportunities, it also massively expands the options for audiences seeking entertainment. The competition for eyeballs is global; the lines between art, applied art and entertainment – between commercial and arts industries – are blurred.

Arts marketing must continue to reach funding partners, industry peers, politicians, philanthropists, and strategic partnerships. The channels and mediums have expanded but resourcing has often not: more must be achieved with less.

The capacity for arts organisations to innovate, creating new revenues streams via the development of products, services and programs, has never been greater. The closer the audience is to the company, the more likely activity will return a profit which can be channelled to growth.

Ellis Jones’ arts marketing consultants provide comprehensive and integrated services including:

  • Arts marketing strategy integrating digital and traditional channels
  • Sophisticated audience and stakeholder research
  • Company, facility, and program brand and visual identity
  • Creative (design)
  • Change communication
  • Partnership design and management
  • Audience engagement initiative design
  • Major capital appeal strategy and campaigns
  • Social mobilisation campaigns
  • Public relations (including publicity)
  • Digital (including social media) strategy, advertising and execution
  • Measurement and reporting

Our arts marketing consultants have delivered arts marketing strategy and advice to leading organisations such as Chunky Move, State Library Victoria and the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP). Our government arts marketing and communication work has been provided to the Victorian government and the City of Melbourne as well as local councils.

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