741 Dutchcare

CASE STUDY: Ellis Jones developed brand identity strategy and microsite for retirement living sector of DutchCare.

Ellis Jones  •  Monday May 19, 2014
Branding  •  Health & Ageing


DutchCare is an industry leader in aged care providing quality services both internally and externally. DutchCare enables its clients to live in a comfortable environment, providing services that suit culture, spirituality and language. 


With a growing migrant ageing population, there is great need for well established and branded aged care facilities that enable elders to live comfortable and dignified lives in culturally accepting environments. DutchCare provides a nurturing environment that is diverse, accepting and mutually respective. With values of knowledge, understanding, harmony, empathy and empowerment, there was a need for DutchCare to spread this message to a broader audience through a revised branding strategy.  

DutchCare and Ellis Jones have worked together to establish a reformed brand identity, using personification and archetypes to establish a firm sense of purpose  and brand essence. This was particularly evident in the development of the 741 brand, the launch of a newly established residential facility. With the launch of these new retirement living apartments, Ellis Jones saw an opportunity to propel DutchCare into the marketplace with a fresh brand identity and website. 


Ellis Jones worked collaboratively with DutchCare to develop a fundamental brand essence of ‘living naturally.’ 

Undertaking branding workshops helped develop functional style and identify core competencies of the brand. Ellis Jones communicators are assisting in development of a well articulated brand and integrated communication strategy. Our design and web development team has also built a website supported with content to connect the company to new employee networks, stakeholders and families.


Ellis Jones delivered a successful, strong visual identity and branding strategy to DutchCare’s 741 retirement living project that ultimately referenced the wider DutchCare brand. Contributing and facilitating thinking on the definition of this sub-brand was implemented, differentiating DutchCare from other aged care and retirement living providers. Upon implementing 741’s brand identity across a range of communications materials, a fully functional and professional website (‘microsite’) under the 741 DutchCare brand, was launched.