CASE STUDY: Branding workshop to build new identity, marketing strategy and website.

Kat  •  Wednesday November 26, 2014
Branding  •  Digital

Working with Larter to develop new brand identity, website and integrated marketing and communications strategy to ensure every person that should, knows Larter, how it can help, and what makes it a compelling choice of partner.


Larter is an Australian-owned firm providing strategic advice, education services and resources to the primary health sector. Clients include governments, community health services, Medicare Locals, community sector organisations and peak bodies.

With government cost cutting, abrupt policy changes, technology led market disruption and constantly advancing clinical practices, the primary health sector is turbulent. In this context, Larter assists it clients to be effective, resilient and achieve measurable health and social outcomes.


With its customers, Larter’s market was changing. The company had reached a maturity level that demanded a clearer brand identity and value proposition. With significant competencies, Larter also needed to ensure all current and potential clients, and referrer network, are aware of its diverse services and expertise. To enable its health specialists to focus on health, a marketing strategy, platform and agency relationship were required.


Applying the agency’s IDEA methodology, Ellis Jones consultants used research to inform strategy and brand. Empathy mapping provided a deep understanding of client’s worlds and worldviews. Competitor analysis defined brand and service differentiation. Business analysis articulated the goals marketing would need to achieve over the coming five years.

Ellis Jones’ branding methodology distilled a hero archetype and brand essence, association and personality. A succinct and compelling value proposition defined the offer to clients across functions and institutions.

After the investigation and brand identity definition, a strong, relevant and unique visual identity formed.

Larter represents progress. Its clients are heroic, delivering primary health services and programs – under tremendous pressure – to people in need across Australia. Looking to the horizon, Larter helps them design programs, navigate the system and access resources.

The new Larter logo – the Larter Riverstone – represents the certainty its people bring to clients and their stakeholders in a constantly shifting policy, economic and health context. A river surges and subsides, often unexpectedly, perpetually shaping the stone. But riverstones are resilient; their shape reflects adaptation to the changing currents. Larter’s team collaborated closely with our designer to identify a shape that resonated with them.

With its bold yellow colour, the Larter Riverstone embodies the firm’s energy and a relentless optimism that, with clients, it can build a stronger primary health system. It’s what drives the company and its people.

The company’s marketing strategy focuses on positioning its expertise via its people across live events, media and digital platforms such as a new ‘Primary’ blog. Content development efficiency is built into the approach.

The design, content and development team created a website that has the right brand voice, humanity expressed in imagery and content, and strong editorial guidelines to maintain clarity and efficiency of text.

“Underpinned by their strong brand expertise, Ellis Jones led us through a structured and enjoyable process that encouraged us to think deeply about who we are at Larter. Not only did this process produce a new, vibrant look; it has infused our staff with excitement and enthusiasm for Larter’s future direction. The Ellis Jones team are professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. I happily recommend Ellis Jones.” – Peter Larter, Director, Larter.


We knew no other company thinks and acts like Larter. It is a great business with a bright future.

Now no other company looks, feels and sounds like Larter. The company’s unique personality and characteristics are manifest in a language and visual identity that is its own.

The rebrand has given the company an opportunity to go to market with new energy, guided by an integrated marketing and communications strategy to ensure every person that should, knows Larter, how it can help, and what makes it a compelling choice of partner.

Here’s the feedback from Peter Larter after the first month of strategy implementation:

  • (As per the marketing strategy) I have begun speaking at seminars and this has already led to more business. Specifically I spoke at the Australian Health Services Financial Management Association which led to two jobs.
  • When speaking with clients, the team is more able to confidently articulate what we stand for and the range of business services we offer.
  • Staff are thinking more deeply in order to write blog articles.
  • We had fantastic feedback about the website when we sent out info about our new brand.

The future looks bright indeed!

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