Shared value training

CASE STUDY: Executive education and masterclasses from experts.

Kat  •  Tuesday November 19, 2013
Social Impact


Ellis Jones provides shared value training – both executive education workshops and masterclass training – to companies, industry networks and not-for-profit organisations. Shared value, most compellingly defined by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer in the January 2011 edition of the Harvard Business Review, is a fast emerging approach to business-led social value creation.


Shared value is a simple and compelling concept. However, what does it look like in practice? What does it mean for existing corporate social responsibility strategy? 


In collaboration with the Shared Value Project, we have channeled knowledge gained over the past decade, up-to-the-minute insight on the status of shared value practice worldwide, and our own unique Social Thinking model into flexible shared value training.

We coordinate executive education workshops and practitioner masterclasses for Australian companies, not-for-profit organisations, governments and philanthropists. 


We assist people and teams with a keen interest in developing business-led social value creation to design sessions which consider industry/market context and organisational readiness. 

Executive briefings

  • Introduction to shared value development
  • Overview of enterprise level re-orientation and adoption
  • Identifying opportunities for business improvement or investment


  • Shared value definition
  • Understand shared value as a strategy and practice model
  • How shared value relates to other social impact approaches (including sustainability and CSR)
  • How to identify shared value opportunities
  • Approaches to shared value strategy development
  • Australian and global case studies
  • Status of shared value evolution worldwide
  • New directions (shared value investing)
  • Measurement
  • Challenges 

Ellis Jones and Shared Value

In mid 2011, Ellis Jones began developing a social impact practice focused on shared value, leveraging earlier work by our consultants in stakeholder engagement and business improvement. In late 2011, we established the Shared Value Project, inviting company executives, CSR, sustainability, design and innovation professionals to co-create practical models for creating shared value. To date we have adapted a range of business processes and created some new ones.

Ellis Jones was invited to attend a meeting of leading shared value practitioners from across the globe in Boston in May 2013. Over four days, participants learned from peers, debated and gave further shape to this important new business strategy framework before joining Michael Porter, leaders of global corporations and NGOs at the Shared Value Leadership Summit. 

Our agency is an associated professional services firm of the Shared Value Initiative.





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