CASE STUDY: Ellis Jones conducted a social media training workshop that was both informative and interactive for VicHealth.

Ellis Jones  •  Thursday April 24, 2014
Health & Ageing  •  Social Media


The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) is a pioneer in health promotion – the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. Pinpointing and preventing the negative influences of ill health, and championing the positive influences on good health, is central and exclusive to the work of VicHealth. VicHealth aims to improve the health of all Victorians by creating and funding world-class interventions and conducting vital research to advance Victoria’s population health. Producing and supporting public campaigns to promote a healthier Victoria, VicHealth provides transformational expertise and insights to government.


With such a large responsibility in communicating health practice, efficient social media use and strategy is a vital component in achieving health related goals and outcomes for Victorians. Ellis Jones was approached by VicHealth to conduct a social media training workshop to enhance social media knowledge and practice among employees and its benefits to the organisation. 

Ellis Jones developed objectives:

  • To understand how social media fits in to a successful big picture strategy for your business
  • To understand how social media is being used by sporting organisations.
  • To develop ability to apply best practice techniques to your organisation.
  • To understand the reputational and operational risks of using social media in your business communications activity.


Ellis Jones conducted a social media masterclass that was both informative and interactive. Through the classes, VicHealth employees learnt about:

  • The context for social media in sports organisations
  • How social media can drive your organisation’s key purpose and community
  • Which social media platforms to use and why
  • How to manage content effectively and efficiently
  • How to manage risk


The social media masterclass achieved a number of outcomes:

  • How to plan your social media strategy by setting some clear objectives
  • How to connect online in your existing networks and relationships
  • Knowledge of leveraging online networks and groups that your organisation has connection with 
  • Greater confidence in making strategic decisions and using resources to capacity 
  • Integration of social media activity with other communications functions to achieve business goals

Ellis Jones also provided a range of materials for those involved in the masterclass that would allow participants to further develop skills obtained within the workshop.

The doors are open to the social media classroom. Talk to us. 

Image credit: Jason Howie