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Realm of Possibilities [Space]

Designed by Ellis Jones with help from our collaborators, the Realm of Possibilities extends across 120 square meters, using a mix of re-purposed found objects and new technology.

We’ve installed lighting, sound, facilitation tools, and collapsible workstations into a highly versatile space.

Shake off your inhibitions, open yourself to new ideas and get comfortable with your creativity.

Our research and social impact consultants use the Realm for conducting research into:

  • Customer and stakeholder awareness and perception testing
  • Mapping customer and user behaviour
  • Product, service, pathways and process co-design
  • Social impact sensing and framing

We also share the space with other facilitators, clients, industry networks and communities of practice.

The Realm is perfect for:

  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • Collaborations
  • Insight events
  • Forums & panels
  • Industry meet-ups
  • Networking events
  • Cultural or creative events

What might you do once you enter the Realm?