Social media training

Social media is more than just a tool to connect with family and friends. When used efficiently it can engage and inspire, tell compelling narratives, (sometimes in 140 characters or less!) and connect potential customers to your brand.

We work with organisations to create confident online communicators who understand the risks, nuances and language of online channels. Our training allows employees to leave with confidence and understanding on how to shape content and monitor the outcomes.

We know that social media platforms present endless opportunities for business – but before diving headfirst into what can be a high-risk space, business leaders and their staff must understand how to best use social media, to leverage these opportunities.

We survey attendees, where possible, prior to workshop design to ensure workshops are pitched at the appropriate technical level.

Outcomes of our social media training:

  • Confident online communications.
  • Availability to identifying the most relevant social media platforms for your organisation.
  • Understanding how to shape content and monitor the outcomes.
  • Understanding social trends and their ability to influence organisation goals and objectives.

We adapt our social media training for your organisation, tailoring it based on knowledge levels and business needs.

We have worked with:

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