Education is the great equaliser in our society. From early learning, through to technical training, through to doctoral research, we know that the opportunities we are afforded through education are some of the most important determinants of the lives we can create for ourselves and our communities.

Enabling quality education choices for everyone takes a robust, diverse sector.

Early childhood, including interventions for children subject to disadvantage or disability, can have powerful economic and social rewards if effectively and affordably delivered.

Providing quality choice for post-school options – be it technical, academic, private or public – enables communities and industries to benefit from the skills needed to progress and prosper.

Our capacity for research and innovation, too, rely on a strong education system. Australia’s universities today make powerful contributions on the world stage – with pivotal impacts in medicine, science, technology and engineering, created by our brightest minds with the support of their institutions.

These impacts not withstanding, education jostles for focus and funding amid other priorities for government.

The attraction of international markets to our high quality education system has eased pressure for some tertiary providers. With these new revenue streams, many have been able to increase course and research offers domestically as well supporting the new skill needs of developing economies overseas. International education is now one of the state of Victoria’s largest export markets.

Our consultants have supported education providers across the spectrum to communicate, market and innovate – to launch new offers, to attract enrolments, to find funding, to improve student experience, to affect change to systems and models, to connect locally, and to measure their social, environmental and economic returns.

Our services span:

  • Design and delivery of market research that uncovers valuable insights
  • Empathy, journey and student experience mapping
  • Marketing communications to build brand awareness, trust and engagement
  • Media and issues management
  • Launch of new courses, services and brands
  • Student recruitment campaigns
  • Skills campaigns
  • Advocacy of new education models, techniques and platforms
  • Creation of evaluation frameworks to measure social and economic impacts

For support in understanding, developing and succeeding in education markets, talk to us.