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Ellis Jones  •  Friday February 8, 2019
Branding  •  Communications

We are recruiting an accomplished, ambitious communications Director to lead our health and community work.

This full-time role reports to the Principal and is instrumental in setting business direction and culture.


You’ll have creative and strategic marketing and communication competencies par none. You’ll know how to apply them with diverse sectors, budgets and organisation types. And you’re hungry to integrate your experience and competencies with the research, innovation, design and business strategy expertise of your colleagues.

You are an inspirational leader: to clients and employees. You go deep on the issues because you are a born problem solver and want to address the big business and social problems.

Used to managing multiple projects, deadlines and teams, you’ll thrive under pressure – keeping everyone focused and motivated, with one eye to the budget and the clock.

You’re at that point in your career where you want to combine your skills, knowledge and networks to make a positive impact on the world. You’re looking for a smart, capable leadership team with whom to share the journey, camaraderie and success – both financial and social.


Ellis Jones delivers award-winning research, strategy, communications and design, to make a positive impact on society.

Our work is diverse, benefitting from the agency’s strategic investment in sector specialisation over the past 10 years. We are now well known, with good visibility across national markets, a strong referrer and collaborator network, and a stable client base of major brands and disruptors. We serve governments, hospitals, aged care providers, disability service providers, consumer health, social service organisations, research institutions and primary health clinics.

A strategic mind, with a passion for, and deep understanding of, health, you will take the helm of an established practice, ready to continue realising its potential.

You will proactively build market presence, securing new work that is aligned with agency’s the social purpose; and then work to deliver innovation and excellence to our clients supported by a team of smart and capable consultants. Your accomplished team will enjoy your inspired leadership and mentoring, supporting them to learn, grow and thrive.

We will rate highly your experience in consultancy/agency and the health, government and community sectors.


The work looks like:

  • Integrated behaviour change marketing and communication campaigns
  • Enterprise marketing and communication strategy
  • Brand identity development and activation
  • Employer branding and engagement
  • Partnership and initiative design
  • Content marketing

As well as the contribution to and management of:

  • Quantitative and qualitative market research
  • Patient experience; customer and user experience design
  • Digital user experience design and application development
  • Social and service innovation
  • Social impact framing, strategy and measurement

You’ll work alongside experts who will share their knowledge and competencies with you, enabling you to keep learning new skills, and place their work in your context.

You will manage and guide a small team of consultants to help them grow and deliver impact with you.


You are optimistic, purposeful, inquisitive, socially aware and relentlessly focused on solving problems big and small. You consider context before you make decisions, ensuring informed advice and collaborative working relationships. You never seek fault or blame; you identify challenges and present solutions.

We look forward to meeting you.

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