Meet Olivia.

Meet Olivia, the Associate Director of our design practice, who describes herself as a visual problem solver.

Olivia’s 10+ years of design experience have shaped her creative expression. Her simple yet sophisticated approach focuses on developing beautiful and functional experiences. Olivia creates from a base of art and design principles, colour theory, and a refined creative intuition (not just opinion). These philosophies guide and define her approach to her work.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Achiever. Strategic. People-focused. Disciplined. Futuristic.

What were you up to before working at Ellis Jones?

After graduating from Billy Blue College of Design, I launched my career as a Junior Designer at agency Yoke – founding my craft and growing industry experience. 

After 2 and a half years at Yoke, I was headhunted by Clemenger BBDO to jump on board as a Digital Designer, where I continued to refine my skills and grow as a people leader. With a strong sense of leadership, and passion for human-centred-design, I was able to gain the attention of executives and thought leaders. Through this, I had the opportunity to lead the introduction of NAB’s star-silhouette across major digital platforms, as well as Myer’s digital reinvention of fashion retail in a COVID-normal world. Over the course of nearly 5 years at Clemenger BBDO, I advanced from Digital Designer to Art Director.

My experience and intuitive approach to consumer data gained the attention of Bondi Sands. After 5 years at Clemenger BBDO, and excited by new opportunities, I moved to Bondi Sands as Creative Manager. During my time at Bondi Sands, I established their creative department through an organisational restructure, built a team of enthusiastic designers, and oversaw the in-house studio.

Throughout these defining career chapters, I actively participate in mentoring and industry committees and programs. I was the Victorian Chair for Youngbloods and am currently a proud member of The Aunties, which recently received the title of Mentor of the Year at B&T Women in Media Awards. My passion and enthusiasm led me to co-direct an ad for The Pitch on Gruen, appearing on the show to take home the trophy; be selected to attend Google’s RARE Masterclass; form part of a multidisciplinary team of five competing in the Amazon Alexa World Cup, where we took out first place and were invited to New Jersey Tech Institute to receive the Golden Goblet; and be crowned one of the top 15 creatives for B&T 30 Under 30 awards.

After all that, and leaning into my commitment to drive societal change through creativity, I excitedly joined Ellis Jones as Associate Director of the design practice at the start of 2022.

What’s been your proudest professional moment?

I am currently in my proudest professional moment. I am so incredibly proud of my team, and the work we do and create. I am personally proud of my career journey that has led me to my role at Ellis Jones, and I appreciate all the wonderful opportunities and achievements that have come along the way.

What piece of advice changed your life?

“Every piece of work should be treated with kindness and passion. This is the part of the job you do for free.”

If you were a movie character, who would you be?

Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail”. She’s a romantic person, coupled and contrasted with traits of grittiness and resilience. She shows pride in her work and loves the world she’s created for herself. She also has a fantastic wardrobe and NYC apartment!