More than a research company, we help leaders make sense of the world at pivotal times in the evolution of organisations, establishing roadmaps and supporting insights with strategy and communication to take employees, customers and stakeholders forward.

Communities, markets, services and products are becoming ever more complex. Research, facilitation and design approaches, tools and technologies are ever extending. Ellis Jones works with clients to adapt the right approaches to context, acquiring insights and putting them to work.

Our research seeks to know the questions and answers that users and audiences may have, decoding clues that are often hiding in plain sight. With well-established models and approaches, we view each setting holistically, mapping relationship and market dynamics to understand the influences and market forces.

Using observation, facilitation and design processes, we map behaviours and explore experiences to develop systems and gateways, on and offline. Importantly, we see research as a tool for engagement: when people become involved in the process, they are more likely to embrace change, buy the product, and refer the service. Our work establishes shared purpose.

Our clients make confident decisions that lead to positive change.

Ellis Jones’ research practice covers:

  • Competitor analyses and market assessments
  • Digital future and ecosystem mapping
  • Business and financial modelling
  • Qualitative and quantitative research and insights
  • Service design/co-design
  • Customer experience, patient experience, visitor experience
  • Behavioural insights
  • Stakeholder and consumer consultation
  • Brand perception audits and marketing effectiveness
  • Research as engagement
  • Social impact framing and measurement

We conduct much of our research in the Realm of Possibilities. Tucked down a cobblestone alley, this is our design workshop and qualitative space for focus testing, training, workshops, functions and events.

Looking for a research company? Visit the Realm or talk to us about research and innovation.