Research presents an opportunity to learn, engage, innovate and build awareness.

Ellis Jones conducts research into markets, behaviours, brands, and consumers to ensure our clients make confident decisions that generate powerful social change. More than a research agency, we help clients identify insights and put them to work in business and marketing strategy.

We use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to uncover insights. Through this, we explore and map relationship dynamics, viewing the environment holistically to better understand what the influences are. We create systems that make sense of the world, decoding clues that may already be there.

With this creative and innovative approach, we challenge entrenched views, using research to design new and better systems. We run workshops and co-design groups that challenge organizational ways of thinking.

We also see research as a tool for engagement. When people become involved in the process, they are more likely to buy into the ensuing changes. We engage multiple stakeholders in the research process, taking a participatory approach that builds a shared purpose.

We then use all of the insights gained to create strong, evidence-based strategies and tactics to reach business goals.

Ellis Jones’ research practice covers:

We also have our own research space, the Realm of Possibilities. Tucked down a cobblestone alley, the space is ideal for focus testing, training, workshops, functions and events.

Visit the Realm or talk to us about getting the most out of research.