We measure and report on what is most important, for people, planet, profit and progress.

Combining our experience and expertise in research and social impact, we assist organisations to frame and measure the outcomes and impact of their activities.  We evaluate the success of programs or strategies and build frames that guide future investment

Guiding clients through the agency’s Social Thinking and social impact framing process, we:

  • Assess business and social impact measurement activity, systems and tools
  • Assess current insights and define gaps
  • Define impact areas and establish relevant, accepted indicators
  • Build evaluation frameworks to apply to programs, initiatives or strategies
  • Design a system of engagement and measurement to gather insights and define specific indicators with impact beneficiaries
  • Facilitate social research and co-design workshops
  • Design reporting systems, applications and templates
  • Create communications tools and campaigns to bring social impact to life

We have completed social impact measurement and reporting work for social sector, government and commercial organisations.

As society’s definition of progress and prosperity evolves, so to do the metrics we use to measure it. We use and adapt common indicator sets such as the UN sustainable development goals, government social and economic indicators, and sector and issue specific gauges.

In reporting and communicating success, we focus on compelling stories, digital engagement and contemporary design.

We have worked with: Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and Future Energy Skills.

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