Chiara Mastrilli


Chiara Mastrilli

Chiara believes in the power of stories and connections to create impact. Ever the empath, she finds strategies and solutions through understanding people and what motivates them to care, change and act.

Before joining Ellis Jones on the Health & Ageing team, Chiara has worked across health, homelessness, and disability, as well as the private sector.

She has developed a deep understanding of the intersecting issues in people’s health, environment and resilience, and ways to apply strategic frameworks to communicate effectively with stakeholders at every level to effect change.

During her time at Cancer Council Victoria, Chiara was the communications lead for flagship fundraising event Daffodil Day, where she oversaw communications strategy for a range of stakeholders.

She also worked at youth-run NGO Oaktree during her university studies, on their national fundraising campaign Live Below the Line.

Chiara is multi-lingual and degree-qualified, holding a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) from the University of Melbourne.