Federica Cestaro


Federica Cestaro

Federica is an expert communicator and digital marketer with the energy to make an impact and a strong passion for innovation and sustainability.

Federica is a Communications Consultant at Ellis Jones, with experience in digital, management and communications across the social, environmental, startup, NFP and financial sectors.

At Ellis Jones, Federica is leading the Carbon Market Institute website development and digitalisation project, hoping to facilitate the transition to a net-zero emissions economy across Australia. Her work also includes digital marketing activities, digital advertising for Millar Merrigan to grow their digital presence and help them become the leader land development consultancy in Australia. She is also supporting projects, such as Oho, with digital marketing, performance analysis and reporting; and the Clean Energy Council with brand strategy.

Before joining Ellis Jones, Federica worked predominantly in the startup space and wore many hats including being Mtime General Manager. In this role, she was able to grow and manage a business of 150 clients and 40 staff while streamlining business operations. Additionally, she ideated and implemented marketing strategies across different channels specialising in digital and email while leading a data analysis and reporting project at Bichal; the Australian market leader equity crowdfunding platform.

Federica also worked in the NFP, social, environmental and impact space, contributing to the development of a marketing strategy and launch event for Climate for Change. This included a fundraising campaign that raised a record-breaking 300k in 4 weeks. In 2019, Federica was selected to participate in Unleash and work in a global setting towards developing solutions to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Federica believes that individuals and businesses alike have the responsibility to enact change through their actions and build systems that are more socially and environmentally conscious. Her professional background and fervent passion for social impact, combined with her creativity and willingness to quickly adapt to different situations, gives Federica the ability to identify and implement meaningful digital and communications solutions to achieve business goals.

Federica has a Bachelor in Economics & Management from Cà Foscari University of Venice and a Masters of Management (Marketing) from the University of Melbourne Business School.