Eleanor Downie

Designer, UX / HCD

Eleanor Downie

Eleanor is a designer with experience working in Melbourne and Hong Kong. She has delivered client projects of all shapes and sizes and understands the importance of storytelling for brands to thrive.

She regularly designs and facilitates Ellis Jones’ co-design, design thinking and human centred design workshops as part of larger projects. Since joining Ellis Jones, Eleanor has contributed to work on The Benson Toorak, Opal Aged Care and The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT). As part of this project, Eleanor helped facilitate engagement with the Muslim communities in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to refresh GMCT’s understanding of their burial needs and strengthen communication.

Prior to work at Ellis Jones, she worked for a number of years within leading Melbourne brand agencies. Working in small branding studios allowed Eleanor to involved in varied projects from initial development of design strategy to finished artwork.

Eleanor holds a Master in Design Strategy and Innovation from Swinburne University, with a focus on social innovation and user experience in human centred design practice. Part of this was studied in the Design Factory Melbourne where she worked with multinational pharmaceutical company, Merck, in a global team of students to improve the quality of life for people living with multiple sclerosis. Using design thinking methodologies, they prototyped and tested potential solutions with the aim to bring a product or service to reality.