James Raftopoulos

Senior Designer

James Raftopoulos

James is an experienced Senior Designer who creates considered, targeted and unique design responses in the digital and physical environment. James works across disciplines to achieve results that exceed the expectations of project stakeholders.

Sharing and communicating ideas visually, in an effective, coherent, and collaborative way, is at the heart of James’ practice.

He leads Ellis Jones’ digital design work and has a particular talent for realising complex branding systems.

His talent is connecting with project stakeholders, colleagues and the wider creative community to achieve positive cultural and commercial design outcomes, informed by research insights and strategy.

At Ellis Jones, James has worked on diverse projects:

– National Mental Heath Commission guidelines that will guide the development of mentally healthy workplaces across the country.

– Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres digital and print design executions for a new brand.

– Abbotsford Convent program and fundraising campaigns and collateral.

– EcoBalance biodiversity project visualisation of theory of change and visual identity.

Prior to working at Ellis Jones, James has gained  extensive experience working with the property, hospitality and retail sector, leading and managing complex brand and campaign projects.

Working with large and small businesses and not-for-profits, James has honed an adaptable skill set and communication style, and is proficient at aligning narrative, identity and experience design.

James has a keen interest in the arts, and enjoys exploring the boundaries of creative expression, having exhibited work across galleries and arts festivals in Melbourne.

His work encompasses abstract mark-making, rudimentary printing techniques and digital compositions and motion, with a fixation on the fuzzier edges of what outlines the human experience. This experimentation informs the unique lens that James applies to his core design practice.

James holds a Masters in Graphic Communication from RMIT and a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce from the University of Melbourne.