Delivering a digital presence worthy of a leader in passivhaus and sustainable buildings.

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Evissa required a digital presence that better reflected the breadth and depth of their sustainable building and architecture practice. Evolving the user experience of the website was an exercise in surfacing Evissa’s compelling value proposition, credibility, and reputation as leaders in Australia’s passivhaus vanguard.

  • The legacy website was not befitting a mature, nuanced and awarded building and architecture practice
  • The lack of a content management system (CMS) meant updating and maintaining the site was virtually impossible without developer support
  • A brand refresh was needed in order to strategically position Evissa’s vision and offering


Drawing on the agency’s sector experience and multidisciplinary practice, we investigated:

  • Key audience needs and behaviours
  • Current digital user experience (UX), and where this aligns to industry benchmarking and best-practice

These insights were mapped against UX guiding principles, informing consideration and refinement of site architecture, and helped design outcome-oriented user journeys with compelling calls to action. The design solution:

  • Employed modular, accessible user interface (UI) design
  • Allowed for a natural evolution of the Evissa brand in the digital environment, leveraging on what makes it unique and ownable
  • Streamlined the technical specification, and development management process

Development, testing, bug-identification and deployment was delivered in collaboration with Ellis Jones’ digital partners, TenTwo.


Evissa’s new website launched in mid-2023, bringing their refreshed brand identity to life through dynamic motion, bold colour, and expressive interaction. 

A modular design toolkit, and purpose-built CMS allows site and content owners to build out new content, case studies, and news stories with no external development support.

The website structure now effectively accommodates both casual visitors and users seeking specific content, offering concise summaries of the main content areas while allowing easy navigation into specific categories.

Evissa’s products and services are engineered to support people and planet. This methodology is ‘baked-in’ to the user experience, and embodied by a purpose-built navigation tool, the ‘mandala’ – a nod to the symbiotic, circular relationship between architecture, building and the landscape. Navigating the site’s content provides the user with a sense of the scale of Evissa’s mission to craft healthy living spaces that honour the environment in a spirit of multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Visit Evissa’s new website here.


    A mobile and a desktop screenshot of the Evissa home page, displayed side-by-side in device-like frames.
    Mobile and desktop screenshots of pages from the Evissa website, displayed side-by-side.
    A person standing against a shaded wall and wearing a yellow sweatshirt with the Evissa logo printed across the chest.