2012 Predictions.

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” – Niels Bohr

Biggest change you expect from 2012?

  • RHOD: Tie between online content management as a discipline and integrated issues management (on/offline).
  • KATE: Only one? I expect to see perceptions of social media across all industries change from a digital mysticism to a practical necessity. The social media gurus, jedis and wizards of this world will be put to rest and as organisations become more comfortable with this medium they will better integrate it across all operations (even outside marketing).
  • KURT: The desire of businesses to be seen as good corporate citizens will increase in the face of increasing public disillusionment.
  • KAT: A giant spike in social recruitment.
  • WILL: Production time.
  • KATEY: Retail’s shift into online after this year’s slump.
  • ANNMARIE: More work and more new clients! I’m looking forward to working closer with clients to achieve results and attracting new contracts in the NGO sector, to work on lobbying campaigns.

That said, we look forward to welcoming 2012 with open minds and hearts.

Ellis Jones wishes everyone a relaxing festive break and a healthy and happy 2012.

image credit : John Fischer