247 Days: New work from Chunky Move.

Melbourne’s leading contemporary dance troupe, Chunky Move will be launched their new work, ‘247 Days’ on March 15 at Malthouse Theatre.

The piece is a physical interpretation of asking and answering the big questions: “How do we view the world? How does the world view us? Do we behave as expected, or accept who we truly are? And, if we could observe ourselves in an unguarded moment, what would we see?”

Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk combines what has already been with what could be; stimulating the audience to consider the significance of the individual.

“247 Days is an exploration of human dynamics within the context of a shifting Australian landscape.”

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Ellis Jones has previously worked with Chunky Move, providing facilitation and strategy services. Click here to see our work with Chunky Move.