3 reasons why your company needs a blog.

If you are reading this, then you are aware that EJ has a company blog. Every month, each EJ staff member is required to write two blog articles. Yes, it can be difficult to find time away from client work to sit and write on business efficiencies that would be useful to a reader. But when the final full stop is put on a blog piece, the feeling is overwhelmingly awesome.

There have been many, many articles written on this subject, but today I’m narrowing it down to three very important reasons why your company needs a blog:

1. Blogging is part of your digital strategy

Your website and it’s blog forms an huge part of your business’ digital strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Using a content marketing schedule to create efficiencies, you publish a blog piece on your company’s website
  • The blog piece is then disseminated across company social feeds
  • The blog piece is featured in your company’s eNewsletter
  • The blog piece can be redistributed or syndicated to other reputable blogs to reach more readers
  • Helps boost SEO with back-links to your website

2. Blogging helps you be a resource

Your company’s blog is the brains trust of your organisation. Why would you direct a client to an article containing another person’s thinking when you can build confidence in them by pointing them to your very own brains trust? When a client needs more info or clarification on unfamiliar terminology, a particular service or business area that your company specialises in, directing them to a blog piece written by your very own people on the subject adds weight to your capabilities.

3. Blogging helps build a business culture

Your blog is the place where your company’s personality can shine through. In a busy agency environment, there’s usually so much client work going on that you run out of time to write blogs. But if everyone is actively engaged and encouraged (and prepared), with time, blogging for your business becomes as ingrained as getting that first coffee of the day.

Providing all employees with a voice and platform to write about the things they know about helps define your company’s culture. It empowers employees to provide their own individual take on a particular subject matter they are well-versed on.

It also provides an arena to talk about new the projects you might be proud of and provide commentary on market trends or current news topics.

These days, blogs are not a ‘nice to have’ option. They are essential. Your competitors are blogging, so should you be. This article by livecity.com sums it up well: “Think of your business as a rocket with a potential destination in mind. Whether that goal is doubling your sales or expanding into an emerging market, your blog acts as a launchpad to get your business to its intended result.”

Talk to us about getting started with a company blog.

Image credit: Mike Licht via Flickr Creative Commons.