A century of adventure.

On Friday 10 December 2010, Doutta Galla Yarraville resident, Mary Lindsay was serenaded with Scottish songs by entertainer Alex Hearst in celebration of her 100th birthday. Surrounded by fellow residents and family members, Mary was spoiled with presents and attention as well as a spectacular photo collage depicting a century’s worth of memories.

Doutta Galla CEO Mark Anderson said Mary, like many of the Doutta Galla residents, has lived an extraordinary life and it’s been a pleasure to have her at the Yarraville facility for the past four years.

“Mary loves sharing stories with the local school children who come to visit Doutta Galla Yarraville – they sit wide-eyed and entranced with her tales of adventure,” Mr Anderson said.

Liz Anstee, Mrs Lindsay’s niece, says her aunt has lived a long and fulfilling life, but it wasn’t until her sister Betty moved from Scotland to Australia in 1959, that Mary was completely satisfied.

“Mary and Betty are very close,” she said. “They’re very fortunate to live together, under the same roof, here at Doutta Galla Yarraville.”

On 12 December 1910, Mary was born in Belfast. Her father was an army officer of the First Royal Light Brigade. A few years later she moved to India after her father’s redeployment but, when World War I broke out, they moved to Scotland. Having lived through two world wars, and despite losing her father and youngest brother to war, Mary’s philosophy on life is simple – you have to enjoy it.

She’s certainly enjoyed her life. A keen adventurer and traveller from an early age, Mary has traversed the globe and went on countless cruises with her husband Tom (now deceased).

“Mary actually used to ride around Scotland on the back of a motorcycle with Tom before they got married, which was quite unusual back then,” Mrs Anstee said.

“She’s lived through some major changes, but I think it’s the way travel has changed that has had the biggest impact on her life.”

“Mary and Tom married in 1935 in Scotland and moved to Australia after World War II, in search of a better life,” she said. “It took six weeks to get to Australia by ship!” Mrs Anstee said.

Mary has kept herself very fit throughout the years and is well known in the Yarraville area as a keen lawn bowls player, walking the greens at the Yarraville Bowls Club well into her 80s.

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Ellis Jones provides public relations, photography and media services to Doutta Galla.

image credit: joe burden