A PR’s insight into advertising.

In the world of PR, everyone is fighting for the same space. You choose a publication based on the target audience but, realistically, if there’s only one issue per month and the section is filling up – you need to create a story that stands out.

It is much the same with advertising. Connecting with the audience is a complex balance of variables which contribute to the effectiveness of an advert, whether it’s on television, radio, in print or online.


These are:

  • strategy
  • key message
  • imagery
  • timing
  • location
  • channel

While in PR we generally have the luxury of being able to communicate with a bag  full of words, I have to credit advertisers on their ability to convey a message with impact in a single sentence.

Broken down, all advertisers have to work with is these variables – while tasked to return thousands of dollars in revenue and a significantly increase profile. Enough spend and you can guarantee people will see what you have put out there but whether they hear and respond to what you are saying is another matter.

Getting the balance right leads to results but poor observation of these variables can mean limited connection with the audience and much less likelihood of creating an advert that elicits the intended response. Any product can be advertised, that’s why you are targeted from the moment you wake up: put on the television and then leave the house for work, you might not notice it but advertising is everywhere. Standing out from the white noise is the challenge. Energising a consumer from passive to active

At Ellis Jones we have a number of clients in the aged care industry. Research has shown that among the ageing audience, approximately 90% were able to recall a memorable phone number over a simple URL. For many, the first instinct is to “Google it”, but for others who did not grow up with the internet, making a connection with a friendly voice eases the weight of the decision they are making.

I pose the question: If two aged care homes have the same features, are two blocks apart and in the same price range, what tips a potential customer to choose a one home over another? Some might say it’s aesthetics, and others would agree it’s the way the staff speaks to your needs.

How then, is it possible to condense this information into a successful advert? With billboard advertising, it is clarity, punch and brevity. One sentence to say everything you are giving, one picture to connect with in the 10 seconds that a person drives past the site.

Though it looks simple, many weeks of in-depth research and testing go into that sentence. If you’ve ever wondered why there’s an advert you just can’t get out of your head, now you know. Adverts aren’t (just) catchy writing on a page. They’re made to engage you.

Ellis Jones now creates and places ads for a number of clients in the aged care sector or targeting the older demographic. It gives us pricing power. Get in touch.