Aged care: communicating the local difference.

Residential aged care facilities across Australia are all different. Whether they are a family-owned and operated nursing home or part of a large, strongly branded organisation, the dynamics of the individual home evolves from the local community to which it belongs.  Applying a one-size fits all approach to the marketing of a home means there is a possibility that the uniqueness of that home – the local elements that are important to a decision maker – will be diluted at best.

A home’s success is influenced by it’s residents, their families and staff, all of whom tend to be predominantly from the local area, as well as by the mix of accommodation provided and the aged care services offered by competitors.  Each individual aged care home needs to be able to respond optimally and with a consistent approach to these factors.

Facility marketing model

A facility marketing model works to:

  • Gather research and information to develop and review marketing activity.
  • Conduct an assessment of data on consumer behaviour, market analysis, product differentiation and stakeholder communication.
  • Create plans to respond to these factors and optimise the marketing of each home.

This systematic approach ensures all the local elements are captured and can be strategically applied. For example, the insights obtained from an employee or a resident satisfaction survey can reveal a loyalty for a local community event or organisation. Website traffic analysis may unearth that potential residents are finding your aged care home’s webpage from a council website.  Post-admissions feedback may share more reasons why a resident and their family chose your particular home.

This deeper analysis enables the home to:

  • Engage local communities with consistent messages.
  • Interact with family members and referrers in a meaningful away to remain top of mind.
  • Leave visitors with a clear view that this home is their best option.

This aged care marketing model can be applied by the home’s administration or admissions teams to make the most of opportunities for local area marketing as they arise.

It is a working document that needs to be reviewed annually. It maps the activity to be generated, how it will be delivered, what channels and tools will be used and how often, and importantly, what measures will be put in place to determine where resources should be allocated.

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Image credit: O Palsson Creative Commons