A briefing from UK’s top social media mind.

In July, the Harvard Business Review article published this article containing findings of a recent study revealed that while CEOs today are faced with the implications of a monumental rise in use of social media platforms by customers, staff, suppliers and competitors, they are not online. The study shows that CEO take-up of social media tools is 40% lower than the rest of the population.

Given the risks and opportunities posed by social media, that is a worrying statistic and it is important to consider the implications – for individual CEOs and the companies they lead.

Ellis Jones is fortunate to work with one of the worlds most sought after social media experts, Euan Semple. The United Kingdom’s leading commentator on the social web, he led the introduction of social media to the BBC over ten years ago and, since then, has worked with leaders of organisations as diverse as Nokia, BUPA, Nato, Ernst & Young, BP and the World Bank. He is the author of Organisations Don’t Tweet, People Do.

We have organised two sessions – one for CEOs, and another for senior managers – to enable leaders with low or evolving knowledge of social media use to gain insight from Euan’s experience in a comfortable and intimate briefing. Participant numbers are limited to 20 for each session to ensure dialogue and useful exchange of ideas or concerns.

Workshop for CEOs

A rare opportunity to find out how peers in major corporations worldwide are adopting social media and how they manage risk – both in terms of their personal profiles and their role as leaders of major organisations. If you have never used Facebook or Twitter, or you feel unprepared to make decisions regarding your company’s brand and activities online, you will leave this session informed and more confident.

Workshop for Senior Managers

In addition to a briefing on the global state of play, Euan will drill down on the convergence of functions and disciplines – such as HR, marketing and risk – as a result of social media and associated human behavioural change. He will also discuss how to address organisational barriers to change.

After the briefing, Kate Crawshaw, Ellis Jones’ Director Engagement and long time collaborator with Euan Semple, will provide the opportunity for participants to work through ideas and issues specific to their organisations, one-on-one.

The briefings will be held at the Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, on Tuesday November 13, 2012.