Automating design.

Designing a logotype is pretty straight forward right? You’re in the ham business, you get a picture of some ham, add your company name and presto! You have yourself a new logo. At least, this seems to be the premise behind the design-it-yourself logo webpage from squarespace.

Web based layout applications can be a great cost saver for consumers looking to create books, websites, forms, plans or anything that normally requires specialist agencies, using expensive software. There can be however, a high price to pay for that free web based service you used to create your logotype. Your brand may just have lost all of its potential integrity and strength.

Some of the most important steps in creating a logotype happen before any pixels have been pushed, and these steps will ensure that your brand targets the right audience, with the right perception, accurately reflecting the values of both your brand and your people. Market analysis, competitor analysis, brand research, brand strategies, the list goes on. It may seem like a tedious and sometimes expensive process, but your brand and communications are the public face of your company. These investigations inform the direction a designer must take in order to design a logotype that accurately represents your brand and fulfils its requirements.

Technology continues to provide consumers with options and services that were previously unthinkable, but tools can do more harm than good if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

If you’re after a strategically crafted logo and not your average run-of-the-mill-carbon-cut-out-pathetic-excuse-for-a design, call us.