Behaviour, creativity, shared value and the Pivot Playbook.

‘Playbooks’ are all the rage. But that’s not the reason we created one.

There are some great ones out there but ours doesn’t look like the other. That’s because it is an expression of the unique make-up of our company and an articulation of the competency areas we have built over the best part of a decade.

Our genesis and evolution has not been laissez-faire or an opportunistic darting after ephemeral trends that arrive and disappear with each passing year. We have been careful, determined and strategic. We’ve played the long game.

Enter COVID-19 and suddenly the shape of our company, and the purpose we have long lived, is right for the times. Every organisation has had the chance to reflect, to see the gaps and to listen more closely to employees, stakeholders and customers. The potential for change is very, very real.   The benefits tangible.

So, we have developed the Pivot Playbook.

It is guiding our work with organisations to define purpose and place in a post-COVID world, using innovation to move the people that matter, creating sustainable financial returns and social and environmental impact.

We are doing this by understanding behaviour, applying the science of creativity and focusing business strategy on shared value creation.

Change can happen quickly or take time. What is important is to be prepared, to be ready. That’s why the playbook addresses the capacity building, shares theory and practice, and demonstrates how to use our models in context.

We’re launching this now because we believe, beyond the potential for change, there is a very real necessity.

We are facing a climate emergency. Mental health challenges are pervasive at work and in the homes of Australians. We have no coordinated solution for energy or waste. COVID-19 has laid bare the inequities of our society, particularly for those living with disability and poverty. We can do so much better.

What’s more, the challenges we face are all business opportunities. We need to work with the capitalist system to evolve it. We need to get resources to the challenges.

Three intersecting domains of expertise.

Over more than a decade, our company has invested in understanding why some projects succeed and others fail, and why some people succeed in certain roles and others don’t. We have asked the questions:

  • What is creativity? Is it a talent or a learned competency?
  • Why do people behave the way they do, even when sometimes it is detrimental to them and those around them?
  • How might any organisation cement its success by addressing a broader spectrum of impacts than purely financial gain? In fact, is that the definition of success and sustainability in a contemporary capitalist democracy?

How we approach the three domains

  • Behaviour – understanding what is driving the way people think and act, responding with campaigns, experiences and services/ products that succeed.
  • Creativity – using theory, models and talent to see challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives, designing creative responses that inspire and move people.
  • Shared value – applying strategy and innovation frameworks to identify opportunities, initiatives and pathways to create financial returns and social/environmental impact.

We hope we have your interest.

Look out for the playbook and help us move people, and change the world for good.