Patient experience & journey mapping.

Patient experience work.

Pete Saunders recently joined Ellis Jones as Director, Digital Impact. His experience spans health, education and government. His impact agenda is to improve patient experience in healthcare.

Recently, Pete worked with a radiology company on patient experience mapping. The work focused on internal training and innovation to capture ideas and prioritise initiatives that improve outcomes at every touch point. An outcome of this work is an in-depth whitepaper that discusses the concept of the patient experience in healthcare and how journey mapping can be applied within a difficult, complex and ever-changing environment to improve efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of care delivery.

Patient Journey Mapping allows an organisation to reconfigure their resourcing and approach to care, based on the experience of the patient, documented through the patient’s perspective. Not only is it a useful tool to promote better health care outcomes, it is also a powerful approach and mode of thinking that enable staff to uncover opportunities for improvement and innovation within their own work context.

Click here to read the full white paper.

More about Pete.

Pete is an experienced Digital Strategist and Service Designer working across health, education and government. He has developed digital and engagement strategies to improve health and education outcomes for the Department of Health and Human Services, Australian Catholic University, Macquarie University, Pacific Radiology, Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association and the Royal Women’s Hospital and sat on the board of directors of the global health charity, Global Ideas. On joining the Ellis Jones team,

“I joined the team at Ellis Jones because of the underlying shared value and social impact work. The market is saturated with digital agencies, but to flip it around and think impact first, tools and tactics second is a really good space to be in. I’m excited about increasing the digital competencies across the business and ensuring our clients are utilizing digital thinking as best as possible to increase their measurable impact.”

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