Better ways to engage nurses online.

A quick post as I dry out from attending a very rainy Albury Tristate Conference earlier this week. I had the opportunity to talk about social recruiting and its relevance to an extremely competitive Aged Care recruitment market. The presentation is below.

Since joining Ellis Jones 18 months ago, there has been a significant shift in the perceptions of social media as a business tool. The majority of organisations in the sector I speak to are considerably more comfortable about engaging stakeholders on social media channels and understand that their option to or not to is diminishing. However, there is still a lack of understanding of how to drive meaningful engagement outcomes and integrate social media insight into the rest of the organisation.

The presentation below describes one way of doing this – through recruitment. This is not a nice to have initiative that sits alongside other recruiting efforts. Done well, it will replace traditional channel spend and create a regular flow of potential employees to your organisation. Not only does this save on agency staff costs, it also reduces the pressure on current staff.

Ellis Jones is not the only one who believes nurses are online.. Here is a podcast of a recent interview with Debra Cerasa, the CEO of the Royal College of Nursing.

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Image credit: Butt Seriously Blog AmSurgFlickr Creative Commons