CASE STUDY: Crafting compelling content for VicHealth’s quarterly, pseudo-academic magazine.

Ellis Jones  •  Wednesday June 7, 2017
Health & Ageing


The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) is a pioneer in health promotion. The first government institution of its kind anywhere in the world, their primary focus is to promote good health and prevent chronic disease.

VicHealth aims to improve the health of all Victorians by creating and funding world-class interventions and conducting vital research to advance Victoria’s population health. Producing and supporting public campaigns to promote a healthier Victoria, VicHealth provides transformational expertise and insights to government.


The VicHealth letter is a pseudo-academic magazine designed to share the latest in health research. Since its first edition in 1994, the letter is a way for VicHealth to showcase its pioneering work and invaluable partnerships with health professionals across Australia.

The diversity and breadth of articles in the VicHealth Letter is compelling evidence of the growth in impact of health promotion activity in Victoria and beyond. The initial challenge was to advance the health promotion narrative by translating the work of researchers into compelling, thought-provoking articles – continuing the great legacy of the publication.


Content creation 

With specialist knowledge of the Australian health landscape, the Ellis Jones team of skilled writers and editors developed articles that represent the breadth and depth of VicHealth’s activities and research. Articles are written for print and digital (assisting to optimise and drive traffic to the VicHealth website).

Content audit 

Ellis Jones was also engaged to undertake a review of the purpose, content and engagement achieved by the publication. The research comprised benchmarking, key stakeholder interviews and digital contextual analysis.


Ellis Jones specialist health knowledge and sector experience uniquely positioned our consultants to confidently translate complex materials into compelling articles grounded in research. Research provided recommendations which are informing the future of the publication’s content and digital distribution.

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Image via VicHealth