Coffee table classics: annual reports you can’t put down?

Ever lovingly held an annual report in your hands? Admired the way its design reflected the text; impressed by the company speaking to you from its every page? Yes, annual reports are functional documents, with numbers to make the eyes swim. They’re also a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the company’s achievements, building pride and recognition among clients and employees.

Annual reports also have a life beyond the AGM. Distributed by hand, mail and the web, annual reports keep on giving in foyers, on websites and in meetings from months and years to come.

Being beautiful isn’t easy. Timelines and multiple sources of information tend to crush the creative spirit. Luckily, we’re the kind of folk who thrive on a challenge. It’s a little sick we admit, but there’s nothing more exciting than a good month’s work, crafting a report destined to become a classic.

Ellis Jones applies the same creativity, attention to detail and dependable project management skills to reports as we do marketing campaigns. Every production team comprises brand strategists, writers, online experts and creative designers. You’ll have professionals with professional writing and major design project experience on your side. The finished product will be delivered, via web and friendly courier, on time and on budget. Most importantly, it’ll be something people talk about to you and their friends, your future customers.

In addition, any new content you create for the report we’ll help you redeploy in line with our 9 Lives Model. We’ll generate maximum return on your investment.

Talk to us about your next report. Ask us about the new web delivery methods we’re employing to drive traffic to your site and leverage the opening night hype of the iPad. Read more about iPad application development here.

Ellis Jones has developed Citywide’s Annual Reports since 2008.

image credit: Ashley Baxter