Cycles of Chunky.

PR-Blog-Chunky-Move-LogoYou’re Australia’s most outstanding dance company; in demand from New York to Hong Kong. You perform on your own terms and maintain conceptual integrity to popular demand. It’s surely easy street, time to let the good times roll?

Under the strong artistic direction of Gideon Obarzanek, Chunky Move has unceasingly delivered intriguing, challenging and awe-inspiring works. The most recent, Mortal Engine, is no exception – an assault on the senses after which a complementary show begins, in your mind, as you consider the themes at play for days afterwards.

Artists are known for their passion. Chided for their unpredictability. But how can you be predictable in a life of clashing cycles. The artistic cycle, the funding cycle, the performance cycle. In Chunky Move’s case, add the rent cycle. Soon to be redeveloped, the complex housing the Malthouse Theatre, ACCA and Chunky Move has a question mark over it. The state has shared its blueprint. Chunky wasn’t on it. A minor oversight, we’re assured. Freudian slip or not, it’s time to put a case – for a new home linked to a bold future.

So on the back of the rent cycle we set out on a journey of discovery. To shape, as best we can, a pathway into the futture while allowing room for art to fling itself over and against culture, responding to and setting the agenda.

Ellis Jones was selected to facilitate the Board’s discussion, arranging ideas into stepping stones and meeting points. This is a seriously capable group of people deeply connected to the company’s soul and success. It was an honour we hope to repeat.