When ageing meets technology.

Whilst reading through the online publication of The Monthly last week, I came across this video of a talk at 2012’s Creative Innovation conference.

It’s an interesting and thought-provoking session held by Professor Nadia Rosenthal, focusing on the effects of modern technologies and environmental stresses on human biology.

Rosenthal touches on the following topics (amongst other things):

  • What is ageing?
  • How are baby-boomers dealing with ageing and technology?
  • Do we get sicker with age because our immune system stops regenerating?

About the speaker.

Obtaining her PhD in 1981 from Harvard Medical School and trained as a post-doctoral fellow at NIH, Professor Nadia Rosenthal then directed a biomedical research laboratory at Harvard Medical School, and served for a decade at the New England Journal of Medicine as editor of the Molecular Medicine series.

Currently based at Monash University, Professor Rosenthal serves as Director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.

How do you feel about her research?

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Image credit: Patricia Drury