A picture is worth a thousand words but, in this age of tweets and bites, we can’t handle a thousand words – we’re a ‘one pager’ kind of society.

Witness the rise of infographics where images can explain a journal’s worth of information, a novella no less, on topics as broad as voter movements and home improvements. You name it, we’re visualising it.

Then again, some pictures say just a few words, only so much more beautifully than a line of text on a page. And then there are font faces that are so perfect in combination, they become a picture all of themselves.

Design is visual communication. Without imagery to embolden or spearhead your message, you are lessening the chance your story will be heard. People are fundamentally, viscerally, excited by pictures.

We decided long ago to build an integrated marketing and communication service that could conceive and execute grand concepts. One known for creating memorable experiences.

Without design, we would never get there.  That’s why Callum Flack owns the northern end of the workspace – surrounded by pads, pens, paints and cables – ever thoughtful behind the smoking Mac.

So, here’s a little picture show. Enjoy a few months on our endless search for authentic visual narrative.

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