Design in uncertain times.

Political and economic uncertainty is usually enough to make the most stalwart design and brand develop a case of the jitters. Fickle markets, changing consumer trends, social media, and constant competition are enough to handle without throwing the governments legislative and monetary meddling in the mix.

In times of transition, many organisations and companies develop short sightedness. They slice their creative budgets, minimise advertising and marketing and hope the money they save will safely allow themselves and their brand to come out the other side unscathed.

It is during these times of economic duress that brands should be focusing more than ever on what makes them attractive to consumers in the long term. A brand is not just a logotype and a product or service. A brand is an emotion, a feeling, a personality and sometimes even a friend. How would you feel if your trusted friend bailed on you when times got a little tough? The worst thing a brand can do is start meddling with its personality. Focus on the elements of your brand that consumers are drawn to in the first place, and stand by it.

Consumers are savvier and more empowered than ever before – if a better product or service comes along chances are they will embrace it. Focusing your brand message, communicating concisely and effectively and engaging your consumers whilst times are tough will allow your brand to stand tall when your competitors are shirking away from the spotlight. When the dust settles, you may have some new loyal friends.