Designing annual report infographics.

We recently completed our first annual report for the season: Citywide’s. This year’s report had depth of concept, using imagery, infographics and a compelling narrative to convey the theme, “empowered, engaged, driven”.

We gave direction for photographer, Simon Birch, to compile a series of images from over almost 20 locations around Victoria and represent the three Citywide divisions (Infrastructure, Open Space & Environmental) at work in the community. And we were not only gaining image assets for the report but also revitalising important brand resources to last Citywide’s needs for the next year. Now, where and when the occasion presents, Citywide’s image resources will enable fast, quality turnaround for brand communications.

Based on this imagery and a new square page format, we provided a cleaner, bolder graphic styling with a flexible grid system that allowed for better use of the page area and integration of images with typography. Citywide’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Savvas Aidonopoulos, was delighted with the concept, and Simon’s photographic work started to turn in the excellent pictures we expected.

As well as the image-driven theme, this year’s report saw the development of a range of annual report infographics within the Sustainability Report — a chance to place in context Citywide’s commitment to sustainable practice by using surprising statistics and graphics sown together into small but important stories.

The grid system also allowed complete control for the meticulous Financial Section’s needs, never allowing a typographic style that would reduce the clarity of the detailed information presented. I could even say I had the most fun getting the type working in these sections. Yeah, I know. But that’s me.

To top it off, we were able to deliver to a revised, shortened deadline with ease. None of the usual Annual Report all-nighters, just a confident day of pre-press delivery. The feedback has been excellent so far. And we’ve already got ideas to progress with next year’s effort.

If you’d like a copy to hold and caress, we’d be happy to send you a sample. Check out other annual reports created for Citywide by Ellis Jones. Contact us to make one for your organisation.