Designing websites for the Health and Aged Care sectors.

Designing an effective website requires a solid understanding of a clients business requirements as well as the needs of the target audience. When done effectively, the client and the end user are able to establish a relationship with positive outcomes for each party.

Define your stakeholders.

When designing websites for the aged care sector there are several stakeholders that need to be satisfied. Of course, aged care facilities need to communicate their options and services, but beyond that there are two distinct target markets; older people looking for assistance, and the families of older people trying to find accommodation and services for their parents.

User Experience (UX).

Accessibility is vitally important when engaging older people. Larger text, good colour contrast and an ordered visual hierarchy will help ensure they can access information that is legible and easy to understand. Buttons and navigation need to be easily identifiable and logical. Text should be clear and simple, avoiding acronyms and language which could confuse or dilute the message. Generally when older people are researching aged care options, they are looking for somewhere to call home; an excellent lifestyle, like-minded residents, social programs and activities. The design, imagery and text all need to be able to communicate these desirable features simply and effectively, with design sensibilities that are not overly contemporary and alienating.

Content hierarchy.

The order of displayed information is very important. For families of those looking for an aged care facility, there tend to be different prerequisites, more of a focus on the quality of the facility itself and the particular services it offers. Things like cleanliness, proximity to family, cost, security and availability of medical assistance. There is more focus on the integrity of design for families of older people. They generally prefer a slightly more modern aesthetic than their parents, as this implies more modern services and facilities.

These features should be expressed alongside the qualities that older people are seeking so that both groups have a clear understanding of what a particular facility may offer them. Understanding the needs of these two distinct user groups allows us to design a website that caters to both markets with one concise, all-inclusive format. Not only does this approach make content creation easier for the facility, it also strengthens the association between the aged care facility and the community it serves, by demonstrating an understanding of the broader needs of both groups of users, and the community as a whole.


Designing websites for this particular market involves much thought and planning. We have a track record of producing excellent results for all parties involved. If you just want a beautiful functional website, or you need one that must achieve such specific requirements as above, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver so that your business, your staff and your users are engaged, informed and appreciated.

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