Are you digitally distressed?

A recent study of over 1000 US marketers claims that only 9% of survey respondents were confident that their online marketing strategy was working, however 66% felt that it was critical to their company’s success. Read the full report commissioned by Adobe here.

Does this resonate with you? Feeling digitally distressed?

If digital strategy is making your palms sweaty and your stomach turn, remember to always go back to business basics (which can be applied both online and offline).

  1. Understand your audience and define the experience(s) your organisation wish to provide them.
  2. Think about how this can be delivered in interesting and valuable ways.
  3. Consider the delivery mechanism last.  Make your activity complement the way your audience uses technology, don’t be driven by it.

Has there ever been an executive that has barged into a meeting, pounded a paw on the table and declared: “We must have a poster campaign! Everyone is doing it!” ?
[NB poster campaigns are highly effective when steps 1 to 3 are considered].

Digital strategies wield insight and results when considered and place delighting the customer at the heart of activity. To work effectively they must be integrated and have context.

The video below, is great viewing. It demonstrates the futility of those who continue to look for the online magic bullet.

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