What images will resonate with which audiences? Which hashtags will reach the people and groups you’re trying to target? What’s the difference between the tone you should use on Facebook, compared to Instagram? What kinds of content do your audiences really want to see?

Creating social media content seems simple, at face value. For a start, over 90% of Australians have a Facebook profile, so the vast majority of understand the mechanics of sharing a photo or updating our status. However getting social media content write for your brand and organisation is more complicated – and high risk – than it may appear.

We work with organisations to create sharp, on-brand social media content that supports the organisation’s communications strategy, which in turn, supports its overarching business goals.

Our social media content creation comprises:

  • Devising content ratios that support business goals, and will resonate with audiences.
  • Writing sharp, on-brand content for any and all social media platforms.
  • Creating cyclical (weekly or monthly) social media content calendars so all content can be reviewed, approved and scheduled in a timely fashion.
  • Sourcing appropriate imagery that audiences will ‘like and share’.
  • Monthly analysis of the previous month’s content performance, to continuous refine and improve – resulting in an engaged and growing social media community.

On every project, we measure and amend, to ensure your digital strategy evolves with the technology it is executed on.

We have worked with:

  • Lendlease Communities
  • Impromy

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