Double-yolking your Twitter feeds.

Like the prized beauty of a double-yolker when you open a carton of eggs, creating two social media feeds is like the bonus that your followers never expected.

Creating multiple social media channels – more than one presence on Twitter for example – adds more customised content for your audience to feed off and stimulates engagement.

Creating multiple streams across your social media channels can have many benefits.

A diverse business can easily lose its followers if they are swamped with too many business offerings from the one Twitter handle. Splitting the egg in two, creating more than one Twitter handle, allows followers to pick and choose the feed most suitable to them. Specialised handles allows followers with a particular passion, to follow a stream that will lead to a business offering of interest. Moreover, splitting your handles in two or more allows micro communities to develop and directs conversation to a particular area of interest.

Be careful you don’t let a double yolker spoil your cake though. Content must be cracked carefully, streamed ever so cautiously across both channels. Spread the yolk evenly.

Why not hashtag more?

You may be wondering, why not just add more hashtags to content that reflect certain business offerings or attract particular followers? This method has its implications and it’s not as simple as adding an extra ingredient to your mix. The use of hashtags with multiple meanings or groups of followers unrelated your work can easily spoil a batch of good content. In addition, many Twitter users don’t hashtag, they just trawl their feeds.

Unless you are running a campaign or an event, hashtags may not get you the impact you are seeking. Use a second Twitter handle that brings control and reaches all users. Stick to the recipe and don’t add confusing ingredients that may spoil your content!


Ellis Jones has two streams on Twitter.

@EllisJonesLive is our feed that regularly features marketing, comms, PR, design and web related info. Some we create ourselves and some we curate from other sources to share with our followers.

@EJHealth_Ageing is devoted solely to the health and aged care sectors.

We felt the need to separate our feeds as followers not in the health and ageing space would find our many tweets regarding those sectors to be completely irrelevant to them. As such, we started losing followers. So to keep everyone happy (including ourselves – it’s disheartening when you open up twitter to see you followers have diminished), we created the niche health and ageing feed.

Thanks to this streamlining of information, both our feeds have enjoyed a steady rise in quality followers.

Talk to us on Twitter @EllisJonesLive or @EJHealth_Ageing (or both), depending on what you’re interested in.

image credit: Vincent Li via Flickr Creative Commons