Doyle does drag.

The true test of a politician is the ability to genuinely and comfortably engage every subculture and handle any situation deftly. Ever wondered what our Lord Mayor would look like dressed in pink and surrounded by Drag Queens? So do others – take a look. He doesn’t look half as uncomfortable as you might think. Maybe all city Mayors should hang out with happy (as in gay) sailor boys and drag queens called Dolly Diamond? Not only does it liven things up a bit, I reckon it’d be good for policy making too.

Picture this: LM dons pink outfit; LM meets with sailor boys and drag queens; sailor boys and drag queens flirt and giggle and attempt to convert LM to the other side; LM is not converted but enjoys a flaming banana (relax people, it’s a cocktail) and a giggle with the boys; LM goes back to Town Hall feeling the love (relax, it’s an expression) and decides that everyone in Melbourne deserves an annual Flaming Banana holiday. We all get to take the day off!

Clearly I’ve put too much thought into this.

The Lord Mayor and the City of Melbourne are big supporters of the Midsumma festival, Melbourne’s biggest and brashest celebration of queer culture this side of the pink stump. It starts January 17 and runs until February 7. From tram rides to pride to gay lawn bowling it seems to have a little bit of something for everyone this year. Now where did I put that flaming banana?

Ellis Jones provides communication services to the Office of the Lord Mayor.

image credit : darwin Bell