EJs Top Trends of 2014

As the year 2014 comes to an end we would like to share a little bit of what we have learned with you.

We know that the world is constantly changing. Every day, industries and organisations face different circumstances and challenges. We move into the future with lessons from the past.

At the agency we have had the pleasure helping clients get where they are going and leading clients where they need to go. As sages and advisers, we enjoy helping clients understand the bigger picture.

So here are our observed trends in 2014 as well as some of our predictions for 2015.

Our Top Trends in 2014

RHOD: Companies making positive benefit to society as part of their value proposition.

ATIKA: Companies that raise their consciousness and connect with their social purpose or societal improvement are more likely to build healthy community around them.

TANYA: Companies driving profit by improving the environment and the health of our communities.

MELINDA: ​Online media coming of age (think recent start-ups like the The Conversation, launched in 2011, now reaching 2.2 million readers a month direct, and a further 10 million through republications).

KAT: The continued rise of the selfie unfortunately.

Our Predictions for 2015

RHOD: Technology further disrupting and democratising the business of government​ and politics.

ATIKA: Creative industries will continue to converge and making integrative communication more important than ever. Essential to reaching broad audiences across numerous platforms will be collaborative partnerships.

TANYA: Growth of the Shared Value Project and adoption of Shared Value by leading Australian companies.

MELINDA: Less becoming more on social media (as businesses realise they can’t be everywhere all the time, more and more will engage with smarter content, directly relevant to their audience. Less constant chatter, over fewer channels).

KAT: It pains me to say so, but I predict that ‘Ello’ (and probably any other social media platform trying to rival the big three) will fade into the distance.

We hope that you’ve had a great 2014 and best wishes for 2015 and beyond!