Until recently, how we made and delivered energy in Australia had not significantly changed since the early 1900s.

Brown coal, black coal and gas continued to power the nation nearly exclusively; electricity traveled from power plant to premise through the same poles and wires technology, measured by the same style of metering installed shortly after federation.

Now, more than 1.5 million Australians have solar panels on their roofs. They are installed by more than 4,000 solar companies in homes, schools and businesses. More than 76 wind farms with more than 2000 turbines spin across country areas.

Consumers demand more. They want power that is affordable, reliable and clean. They want control: to understand why their bills are rising or where their energy is coming from. They want to eliminate waste, or curb their pollution. They want companies and governments that understand their needs.

With deep sector knowledge spanning energy, water, essential services, environment, sustainability and climate change, we work with organisations to capitalise on pivotal moments for progress and make a measurable social, environmental and economic impact.

Drawing on many decades of experience, our energy marketing communications specialists support organisations to:

  • Design research and co-design programs to uncover value insights
  • Correct entrenched misconceptions about energy markets, systems, sources and companies
  • Renegotiate their social licence
  • Engage with their consumers and constituents through traditional and digital channels
  • Engage stakeholders and communicate government policy
  • Create markets for new technologies or services
  • Attract investment

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