How to get your content purring.

Content is thriftier than we think.

Just like our feline friends, content can be re-worked, re-purposed and re-used a number of different ways across a several mediums before it tires. The 9 lives of content saves time, money and creates additional value by increasing stakeholder and audience reach. If a story is worth telling once, it is worth telling again. Nine times in fact.

To create content that keeps on running, it must be compelling. There’s no way around that. In a 24/7 connected world where text, data, graphics, video and audio is shared through numerous channels -from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin and Gmail – every millisecond, content is literally everywhere.

By not only creating compelling content, but reshaping and repackaging it across multiple channels – both on and offline – you synergistically build brand equity, enabling your content to stretch its paws and purr contently through its 9 lives.

The 9 lives of your content depend on your market, the context and your objectives. Here is an example of one piece of content’s 9 lives: