community care marketing

Ellis Jones has worked in aged care and community care marketing for many years. We work with both private and not-for-profit providers to develop community care strategy, and marketing and communications plans and campaigns.

The community care sector has been undergoing reform for several years as it moves to a consumer-centred model of service provision. This change has seen consumers given choices that they are now starting to exercise. At the same time, government deregulation has led to more competition.

In this new market landscape, providers are competing to stand out and grow their customer base. Greater sophistication of consumer insights, branding and marketing is required to be successful.

Ellis Jones has been evolving its customer research in communities and in homes, with the addition of customer journey mapping and design thinking capabilities. We take an integrated approach to developing community care strategy, marketing and communications plans and campaigns, engaging with customers, families, referrers and communities at every point along the path to purchase.

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