primary health care marketing

Ellis Jones’ primary healthcare practice provides primary healthcare marketing and communications service to primary healthcare practitioners, clinics and local councils.

Primary care and medical service costs, including Medicare, have grown rapidly over the past decade. Concurrently, there is pressure on the sector to reduce waste and for doctors to be more efficient in treating and referring patients.

Patients today are looking for more than just medical care from their doctor and primary healthcare providers. The “patient experience” incorporates every interaction that a patient has with a provider, from people and processes, to perceptions and organizational culture. Patients are looking for empathy, insights and information, all delivered in a place and time that’s convenient to them.

Primary healthcare marketing must reach patients, policy makers, doctors, specialists and government. Ellis Jones incorporates social media, digital marketing tools and engaging content to inform stakeholders, build advocacy and increase engagement. We also develop campaigns to attract and retain staff, establish referrer networks and grow practices.

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