Infographics to explain ISCRRs business.

We were recently commissioned by the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) to produce a series of infographics to explain their business.

We began the project by meeting with representatives of ISCRR to discuss the large, complex concepts they might need to explain to their stakeholders.

While noticing that it took time for them to explain their business to us, we decided on the seemingly obvious: an explanation of what ISCRR does.

First and foremost this required business analysis: an understanding of the reason for ISCRR’s existence, and their mission as a business.

Defining their audience was the next step… Who were their stakeholders? What don’t they understand? How can ISCRR make an impact?

What became clear was that ISCRR’s work was akin to filtering the gold from the tailings. We also came up with multiple further metaphors: Harry Potter’s “horcrux”, the babel fish translator from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, the story of scurvy’s unused antidote claiming a few decade’s more sea-travelling deaths than it needed to. In the end, none of these concepts worked as fully and simply as a simple tombstone, but only over time and iterations did this become clear.

We defined these insights, worked up sketches and with client participation, began drafting ideas using their brand style guide for visual look and feel reference.

As infographics relies on comparative data, you could probably best term this work as a flow diagram. Nevertheless, categories don’t matter when the communication is this essential: to tell stakeholders how ISCRR provides research with positive impact.

After a good number of drafts back and forth between client and team, we’re satisfied with the outcome: a clear and definitive explanation of why ISCRR exists, in a quick and digestible visual form. We hope you agree…

Ellis Jones’ designer Callum can produce elegant infographics so you can visualise your data. See some examples then get in touch.