Introducing Tapestry : social networking for older people.

Tapestry is a new social media platform designed to help seniors and their families connect.

It separates itself from other social networking sites like Facebook by keeping it simple; by not bombarding its users with games or advertising or anything to detract from the core principles of the platform – staying connected with loved ones.

Tapestry makes it super simple for older people to connect with their favourite people by funnelling all their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and email into one place where pictures and messages can be easily accessed.

This platform is being heralded as an effective way to tackle social isolation amongst our older generations.

Keeping in mind their goal of creating a product that is easy to use by anyone, the platform was created in close consultation with older users irrespective of how familiar they were with technology.

Before it’s launch in November 2012, Tapestry had already won the 2012 iAward under the E-Inclusions and E-Community Category.

Older people are definitely adapting online technologies at a speedy rate. Considerable research has been gathered on seniors’ internet use and we know that their personal access to and use of the internet continues its steady trajectory. Sites like Tapestry will also help reduce social isolation amongst our older generation.

Here’s a video from the Tapestry folks.

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Image credit: Wikicommons