Is your business playing the visual identity lottery?

There are many changes happening in the aged care and health sectors at the moment. With the introduction of MyAgedCare and the prevalence of new technology and communication mediums, it is becoming ever more important to establish and develop a strong visual/ brand identity strategy in order to communicate effectively to your consumers.

Users will make very quick judgement calls based on the information they receive. If your company is not providing a concise visual and informative approach to all communications, chances are users will not take the time to explore further to see if your company suits their needs.

Peoples browsing habits tend follow similar patterns:

  • Submit search terms in a search engine
  • Browse search results for site descriptions that match your needs
  • Open appropriate sites in new tabs/windows
  • Cull results to those whose websites/visual identities are appealing

This is a troublesome pattern for companies who have great business offerings, but have not fully developed visual identity and brand strategies. With more and more companies entering the health sector, it is vitally important that your website and identity stands out from the crowd and identifies areas of your business that differentiate you from your competitors.

Mobile websites, community engagement, SEO, social media – these communication channels can be a daunting undertaking for a small health/aged care business to contemplate. It may seem expensive to completely overhaul your approach to visual communications and branding, but the most important question should be; What happens if you don’t? The onus is on your company to ensure that your website and other communications are designed such that they cater to consumers browsing habits. By defining the core needs of your target market and designing your identity to fit those needs, your chances of standing out from your competitors – and ensuring the security of your business – is greatly enhanced.

Another benefit of a strong brand identity and visual approach is the narrative that can be promoted within your business. Having your employees all united under an engaging visual identity and all using the same brand narrative means there is no confusion regarding the services and direction of your company. This will help instil confidence within your employees as well as a sense of pride, allowing your business to march forward with assurance and clarity.

If you would like to review your business’ approach to its visual identity and communications to maximise business security, get in touch.