5 Marketing communication tips in times of uncertainty.

Change is a constant. It is what is happening every day from the minute we are born till the minute we die. We humans are sensitive creatures and too much change, especially in a short period of time can unfortunately cause a state of uncertainty.

Whether a government initiated change or at an organisational level, communicating with cut through in an often cluttered space can be tricky. Regardless of what needs to be said, for people to listen, they need to trust you. By building this trust and communicating clear information, people will become more certain about the situation, and feel more comfortable during the period of change.

Uncertainty is defined as: a situation where the current state of knowledge is such that the order or nature of things is unknown, the consequences, extent, or magnitude of circumstances, conditions, or events is unpredictable, and credible probabilities to possible outcomes cannot be assigned.

In order to minimise a state of uncertainty during a time of change, clarity and transparency in marketing communications and messaging is paramount. Here are some easy ways to build trust in a cluttered message space.

  • Uncertainty is created when people don’t know what’s happening or who to listen to. In order to make sure your messages heard, choose an effective channel of communication and make sure your messages are simple, clear and repeated so that they cut through the clutter.
  • Be the expert and provide insightful and useful information to those who are searching for it. Don’t create more message clutter which will end up confusing people more.
  • Be honest and transparent. Transparency builds trust and trust ensures that the people hearing your message actually listen to it.
  • Think about who you are communicating to and what they need to hear. Tailor your messages to the audience you are hoping to reach and use language that resonates with them.
  • Change affects people at different times in different ways. Make sure to plan your communications accordingly and make sure not to leave certain people or stakeholders out.

Ellis Jones is an expert in marketing communications and change management consultancy. If you need help in effectively and clearly communicating to audiences, especially in a time of change, contact Ellis Jones.

Image credit: www.theobservereffect.wordpress.com