Marketing to older people.

‘Marketing to older people’ has become as common a phrase in our sector these days as seeing the generic, brightly coloured, slightly blurred-background images of an overtly happy couple accompanying most products and services for those in the 50+ bracket. Let’s face it; even if you use the most advanced hearing aid or purchase the best life insurance policy on the market, chances are you won’t really draw parallels between you and the couple above.

At Ellis Jones, we’re tired of the same-old-same-old marketing approach to those who are considered ‘older’. It’s tiring. Dick Stroud, Specialist Marketing Consultant says: “We should stop treating ‘marketing to the over-50’s’ as some form of niche activity. Marketing to older people employs the same core of skills as is used for any other age group.”

Who is old? When talking about the over-50’s, I think of my Dad who is still young to me. He rides a motorbike and buys 2BlocksSouth drainpipe jeans online. In reality who we define as ‘older’ is relative to our own age and at Ellis Jones our approach is simple.

Australia’s mature consumers have high expectations and aspirations. By using detailed data, specialised research and experienced analysis our consultants approach mature audience definition from four perspectives: lifestage, income, interests and networks. We think it’s a sophisticated approach to 50+ marketing and market research. 

We’ve been around for six years, growing steadily through our work and the intellectual property we have developed in the aged care sector. We undertake our own research in collaboration with industry partners, constantly build on existing knowledge and apply this to marketing strategy development and implementation.

If you are interested in how to approach this population of influential Australians – give us a call.

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